What are we about?

Remedy Gaming is a community founded on the simple, yet core values that most other communities, clans, and guilds forget as soon as they reach a certain level; to be the home for the everyday gamer and to focus on the gaming itself rather than politics and who has what role. The Founders of Remedy Gaming have been burnt enough times by giving their all to these types of communities and they decided enough was a enough. RG’s primary focus is to give our members a place to call home, other members to play with and an active and supportive network of gamer’s across both consoles, across the globe. 

Our Staff Team

"Why make Remedy? Well for most of my life and I'm sure many do relate I didn't have that many people to talk to about my nerdy passions and when I first put myself out there online it was a rewarding experience and added another dimension to my gaming experience. Over time however I found those groups get bogged down by drama and politics hence the creation of Remedy my first time owning and running a Gaming community".

Trouble was the primary architect behind the very idea of Remedy Gaming. She brought the idea to Wolf when the community we were in was falling apart, and no one was happy. Remedy is the fresh idea of a community with built in fail safes against political bureaucracy and power hunger. In charge of the Remedy Stream Team and always active she is always making sure people feel welcomed. Trouble's idea is why we're here today and the community is thriving.

TRbengal is the backbone of Remedy and has been respected by the core founders long before the idea of our gaming community. If you can't find him chilling on the discord then you'll most likely find him in a party with our members playing Apex. Always the strong voice, and there for members when they need him it wasn't even a question when his name came up when we thought about who we choose to help lead this community to what it is today. There from the beginning and I'm sure to the end you can't go wrong with our friendly bagel lord.

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