Remedy Gaming is a community founded on the simple, yet core values that most other communities, clans and guilds forget as soon as they reach a certain level; to be the home for the everyday gamer and to focus on the gaming itself rather than politics and who has what role.


The Founders of Remedy Gaming have been burnt enough times by giving their all to these types of communities and they decided enough was a enough. RG’s primary focus is to give our members a place to call home, other members to play with and an active and supportive network of gamer’s across both consoles, across the globe.

We are always looking for new members and to offer them a place to call home. Do not feel the need to ask for a try-out we aren't that type of group. If you want to join check out the website and then follow the link to our discord where you will begin your Remedy journey.

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The most active way to get involved in our community is on our discord! Its our hub for all things gaming as well as where we connect and get to know each other you can find people to play with or get into the conversations going on through the day.

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